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A big plot of construction land for sale in Bulgaria-Sozopol

Продам недвижимость в Европе Болгария 1 неделю назад

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Exclusive offer. A big plot of land for sale in Bulgaria-Sozopol. 487,000 sq.m. to the sea coast with the following building parameters: density 20%, height 10m.The land is perfect to construction hotels or houses. Located next to main road Burgas-Sozopol. The nature is mixed with Strandja Mountain and Black sea. It's possible to construct on it 180,000 sq. m on three floors. The price include VAT-20%. There are 7 different lands offers, all suitable for construction, in Bulgaria-town Sozopol: 1. 950000sq.m.-9.3million Euro (first line to Black sea coast) 2. 463000sq.m.-6million Euro (first line to Black sea coast) 3. 80000sq.m.-1.1million Euro 4. 36637sq.m.-3million Euro (first line to Black sea coast) 5. 13250sq.m.-2.5million Euro (first line to the Black sea coast) 6. 90000sq.m.-20million Euro (first line to the Black sea coast) For more details: +359888868922 WhatsApp

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