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Processing of closed-cycle solid waste without emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere

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Disposal of household and industrial and hazardous waste" , the place of implementation of the project of your choice and does not matter, as the technology of the project makes the project mobile and Autonomous in all plans and therefore the place of implementation can be selected , changed and formed at its discretion. The payback period for capital expenditures was determined empirically and is approximately 12 to 24 months of all capital expenditures. The project has a continuous cycle of the recycling process and the process is stopped by the need for maintenance of the equipment. And if you have additional replaceable components and assemblies of the equipment for the first cleaning, and installing replaceable units, then simple maintenance is reduced. The equipment is serviced by 2-3 employees.
The approximate initial cost of investment in the project is from 65 million rubles, but it is necessary to take into account the often changing financial situation in the markets. Equipment for the project is calculated and manufactured to order within 9 months. The set of equipment and its price depends on the final derivative products and the amount of waste to be processed.The output of Electro energy,gas,diesel fuel,gasoline, etc. Communicating through an interpreter into Russian


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