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Achieve cooperation with Somfy for my company.

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I am looking for a person or organization who will help me buy a batch of Somfy engines. My company wants to buy Somfy products and I need your help.
It is ideal if you have a company or you sell curtains or cornices.
1. If you HAVE your own company. We want to buy Somfy products through your company. If you sell cornices or curtains, then with the help of us you can start cooperation with Somfy and get a big discount. For example, you sign a contract with Somfy, we buy a large batch, you get a big discount.

We can also simply buy Somfy curtain rod motors through your company, and pay you 5% of the order. We will make a big order and you will get a good amount.

2. If you DON'T have your own company. You need to call the Somfy representative office in Europe and find out the terms of cooperation. Your task is to get Somfy to be ready to conclude a contract and to ask them to specify the data of the organization to conclude the contract. I can write you questions. I can pay you $300 for the information

Write me in telegram @Niksaf96 Nikita or e-mail Niksaf1967@yandex.ru

Цена: 300.00 €

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