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... Cost of Seedlings from 4-10 € ox, the price changes from the quantity

Available varieties: River, Puru, Bluecrop,, Chandler, Elizabeth, Northland, Chippewa, Hardy Blue, Top Hut, Airlie Blue, Spartan, Patriot, Pink Lemonade, Darrow, Bonus, Elliot etc.
Each variety is good in its own way.
..ELIZABETH is the largest-fruited variety, ripens at the end of July. The blueberry of the Elizabeth variety is considered one of the leaders in taste and aroma. Her berries are large, firm, sweet - it is impossible to resist! ..the fruits do not ripen all at once, but within two weeks, so you will have the opportunity to "stretch" the pleasure.
CHANDLER is also large-fruited, more than 22-25 millimeters, weighing about 2 grams. High yield, regular fruiting. The berries are blue, tasty, dense, ripen at the end of August.
..Duke (Duke) -This variety is extremely popular in its homeland in America. And this is not surprising: the plants are resistant to frost, consistently give a high yield. ..Duke bushes are not afraid of spring frosts, because they bloom late, but the fruits give quite early - already in mid-July. The berries of this variety are "robust" with excellent taste and pleasant aroma. Blueberry "Dukе" has frost-resistant wood and buds, which protects the plant from freezing cwinter period.the variety is characterized by high yield and stability.
NORTLAND - this variety is quite consistent with its name (translated from English "Northland" means "Northern Country") and is suitable for growing even in cold regions. ..American gardeners claim that Northland bushes can withstand frosts down to -40 ° C and consistently produce 4-8 kg of delicious berries.
..the fruits of this blueberry are medium-sized, very sweet, therefore they are ideal for fresh consumption and for making jams and preserves. The bush is not tall, up to 1 m in height
Hardiblu- A medium-late ripening variety. The berry ripens from late July to mid-August. ..high bush, up to 2 m tall, with strong erect branches. The berry is medium-sized, 1.4-1.7 cm in diameter, dark blue, with a slight waxy bloom, sweet, with a barely noticeable sourness, very tasty, ripens almost at the same time. The brushes are large. The yield is good - 5-7 kg per bush. ..winter hardiness is high.
Buying zoned plants is the key to an excellent harvest.

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