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Nislo Research is a UK-based specialist writing company that is searching for freelance academic copywriters. Our services include business consulting, organisational research, as well as educational support, and most notably custom sample papers for international students.

If you are fluent in English and interested in creating academic papers in multiple areas that include (but are not limited to) business, economics, politics, law, and health science, we may be interested in hiring you.

-Researching and writing academic papers.
-The papers will be related to the following areas (please check the list and make sure that you are interested in creating papers in at least one area): Business-related subjects-Management, Project Management, Strategic Management, Operations Management, Supply Chain Management, Corporate Governance and CSR, Risk Management, Logistics, HRM, Leadership, Marketing, E-commerce, Quantitative Data Analysis, Economics, Consulting, Accounting, Finance, Research, Statistics and Data Analysis or Social Sciences - Politics, Law, International Relations theory, Counter-terrorism Criminology, Intelligence Analysis, Psychology, Policing, Forensic Science and Disaster Management or Sciences: Health Science, Information Technology, Forensic Computing, Civil, mechanical and Electrical Engineering
-Meeting the requirements of custom paper projects in a timely manner
-Responding to project-related emails from your supervisor and incorporating their feedback into your works


-English language; levels C1-C2
-Ability to use academic language or willingness to learn to use it
-Holders of graduate or postgraduate degrees are welcome! Those who obtained their degrees in the educational institutions of the EU, United Kingdom, Australia, USA or Canada are especially likely to be accepted. If a candidate does not hold a degree, they must have adequate expertise in critical analysis, referencing and academic writing.
-Experience in writing academic papers is very much appreciated!
-Willingness to learn and ability to work with feedback will help
-A good work ethic should be a must


-The application procedure will include a brief questionnaire and a test assignment. We will also request a certificate proving your educational background
-When accepted, you will be a freelancer; you will not be expected to keep to a schedule. You can choose your own hours, and you will only have to keep in mind the deadlines set for you by your supervisor
-You will be provided with a basic training to help you with the job
-You will be remunerated for completed projects only; price starts at $45 per 1000 words
-You will be paid after the completion of a project (generally, in two weeks’ time or sooner)
-Please remember that as a freelancer, you will responsible for paying your taxes

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