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Flights forming machine Dintek / Helix flight forming machine

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We suggest you buying equipment that allows you to manufacture flights (separate segments) to fit any specifications. If you are a manufacturer working in the sphere of steel industry and would like to be competitive at the market, you're most welcome to test our equipment.

Such flights are widely used in the production of:
1. Screw conveyors, used when moving grain, food and chemical products, cement;
2. Agricultural machinery and equipment (combine header augers, auger self-feeders);
3. Construction and drilling equipment;
4. Ice augers.

In the production of DINTEK machines, modern CNC machines are used, that make it possible to create equipment in the shortest possible time with high performance and quality characteristics.
Parts' cutting is performed with the help of a laser cutting machine. This technology enables to obtain clean, even edges of flight blanks with an accuracy of 0.1 mm.
Welding works are implemented by a robotic welding station.
The ideal alignment of the parts to be joined is achieved due to addressing to gantry milling machining center. Without this procedure, it is impossible to get equipment that will last long and will produce high-quality products.

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