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Filler for animal toilets(cat litter), TM "TOM"

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A composite hygienic cat litter “TOM” is made exclusively from natural ingredients – 100% eco-friendly and natural product of the European sample.

• instantly absorbs moisture and eliminates smells
• is highly economical to use
• has antibacterial qualities
• with a pleasant scent of lavender
Delivery is possible on the terms of FCA (Ukraine, Kremenchuk)

№1 LARGE (3,2 – 6,0 mm) 5 kg
Large granules with a properly chosen specific gravity did not settle on a pets` fur. Recommended for large and long-haired animals.
№2 STANDART (1,5 -3,2 mm) 5 kg
Natural hygienic cat litter. Optimally used for both short- and long-haired pets.
№3 SMALL (0,3 – 1,5 mm) 5 kg
Has the most economical properties. Is recommended to use as a universal hygienic tool for small and short-haired animals

Цена: 1.43 €


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