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Meteorite HED

В розницу - Везде - 3 недель назад

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* Meteorite exhibits weak magnetic properties * The melting bark is black, shiny, which is characteristic of achondrites
* The base is yellow-brown, brown, brown-yellow, sometimes with green, similar to sandstone and the like, in which small inclusions in the form of black dots, microbreccia, such a color scheme is characteristic of SNC or HED achondrites
* On the crust of melting in different places under magnification, micro-pieces, glitter-inclusions, of a silvery color, Ni-Fe, sometimes bronze-yellow, iron sulfide, troilite, FeS, natural iron alloys in a metallic form are visible, which is not typical for terrestrial rocks
* Examining the melting crust, on one side of the stone, only under magnification, you can see many pink or purple-pink blotches, or fuchsia, most often in the form of dots, blots, amoebas
* An unusual specimen, apparently a very rare achondrite, and, possibly, which has passed hundreds, thousands of light years, has visited those areas where it became possible to absorb these violet-pink inclusions, which may turn out to be a trigonal α-modification of aluminum oxide in as a mineral corundum
* Price is per gramm
* Large assortment achondrites, lunar, asteroid and martian meteorites
* Martian Meteorites shower
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