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Tattoo machine Perfecta

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This machine is equipped with a brushless motor. It is made of lightweight aircraft grade aluminum alloy. There are no springs. Thanks to this design, the machine has the lowest possible energy losses due to friction and heating, and in combination with its compact size, it is ideal for use with all types of removable batteries. Extended range of optimal operating voltage and
versatile use (Contour, paint, shadows) makes this machine suitable for both beginners and professionals.
Brushless motor.
Weight 125 grams.
Partial sterilization of the machine, interchangeable with Cheyenne holders. Compatible with disposable Cheyenne D-GRIPS holders.
Holder diameter 26mm and 32mm. The choice.
Machine length 115mm
The working range of the needle impact frequency is from 50 to 200.
The system of stabilization of the needle in the cartridges has no lateral beats.
Needle lateral runout stabilization system
Speed ​​from 40 to 180 beats per second.
Strings (eccentric stroke) 3.7 mm and 4 mm to choose from.
Works with virtually any wireless battery.

Цена: 365.00 €

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