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Ukrainian postage stamp "Russian warship, go...!"

В розницу Норвегия 1 год назад

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Hello, dear buyer.

I offer you six postage stamps (issued in Ukraine on one sheet) with the legendary phrase: "Russian warship, go …!" and a soldier giving a middle-finger salute.

I am a citizen of Ukraine and live in Ukraine. In 2014, Russia occupied the city where I lived with my family, and we were forced to move inland. But in 2022 my country is facing a "new challenge": my family was forced to travel even further (abroad), while I stayed in Ukraine.

I want to spend 50% of the money from this sale to help my family and 50% on the 'Come Back Alive' fund, which helps the defenders of my country.

The stamps are in perfect condition when sending I undertake to pack them securely so that they arrive without any damage.

If you are just a stamp collector, I am sure you can buy these stamps somewhere cheaper, but if you are willing to help my family and my country, I will be very grateful to you.

Цена: 3000.00 €


Норвегия, Odessa

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