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Coin receiver with the function of issuing change NRI Currenza C2

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The new NRI Currenza C2 coin acceptors (with change dispensing function) represent the most efficient payment acceptance system on the market today. It takes only 1.7 seconds to process the operation. This model is equipped with a compact six-tube cassette for collecting payments.
The reliability of the Currenza C2 Green MDB model is ensured by the innovative eclipse-pin method, which significantly reduces coin friction. Moreover, the coin acceptor is able to operate stably at temperatures from -25 to +80 ° C, while protecting the electronic elements from moisture. Automatic SMS notifications about service events ensure the smooth operation of the vending machine, thereby increasing its profitability and ease of use.

Price - 360 Euro per piece.
Contact phone: +375296168652 (calls / viber / telegram / whatsApp)

To update the software and configure the Currenza C2 Green series coin acceptors, the NRI Henri + programmer is used, which has a graphic display and a navigation system. The validators are configured at the place of their use without the need for installation.

Specifications NRI Currenza C2 Green

Power consumption: current consumption: 0.35 A / Supply voltage: 11-43 V DC;
Operating conditions: operating mode at temperatures from -20 to +80 0С;
Weight: 2 kg;
1. Protection of electronic elements from moisture;
2. Improved "eclipse-pin" method minimizes coin friction;
3. High accuracy of coin identification (40 parameters).
4. Ability to work with a bill validator with the function of issuing change in bills;
5. Acceptance and delivery of coins of all denominations;
6. Quick and easy access to the coin selector for cleaning;
7. High speed of issuing coins (6 coins per second);
Management system: Cashless payment system for purchases using credit keys / Currenza Clip cards; USB Audit Stick is a device for copying and transferring data of sales and money movement statistics.
Exchange protocols and modes of operation: MDB;
Configuration and status diagnostics: using the built-in keyboard and LED indicators.
Equipment (components) included by default: SIM card for prompt updating of the program and parameters of accepted coins.

Цена: 360.00 €

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