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Electronic Coin Validator/Coinacceptor Comestero RM5

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Sale of coinacceptors(electronic Coin Validators) Comestero RM5 Evolution, Comestero RM5 Hd.

375296168652 (calls / telegram / viber / whatsapp)

price - 110 Euro for 1 piece. Volume discount.

RM5 is suitable for all devices in the entertainment industry and self-service terminals, for example for installation in
- vending machines (coffee machine, snack machine, etc.);
- slot machines;
- playgrounds;
- self-service car washes, vacuum cleaners;
- self-service laundries;
- parking;
- payment terminals;
- fitness clubs.
Compatible with all sorters on the market.

The HD (High Coin Recognition) system is based on 10 different parameters concerning:
- frequency measurements,
- sizes,
- phases.

5 test sensor technology:
- 3 inductive sensors,
- 1 optical sensor,
- 1 magnetic sensor.

Acceptance speed at the level of 6 coins / sec. (including coins with different diameters).
The latest electronic and mechanical fraud protection systems:
- electronic protection system against "fishing" coins,
- a system that determines the direction of movement of the coin,
- mechanical trap,
- a knife that cuts the line when trying to pull a coin.

Цена: 110.00 €

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