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Mineral Gem Tektite

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A stone, mineral, or tektite of a rare variety
* Visible, recognizable colors and shades of cognac, honey, amber, a little green, lemon, a small area of ​​white, probably impactogenic
* Hardness within 6 on the Mohs scale
* Well translucent, Inhomogeneous purity, glitter inside the sample, it is difficult to see what exactly, bubbles or particles, but in general they can be seen with the naked eye, when viewed through a powerful light source, it looks very beautiful
* In some places, a thin melting crust is preserved, translucent
* Luster is generally glassy, ​​in some areas of the surface it seems to have a glassy waxy luster, or glassy greasy
* No magnetic properties observed
* Specific gravity within the quartz group, approximately
* Reaction under ultraviolet light Fragmented, in two or three places, there is an average degree of luminescence, dull red
* Weight 14.29 grams
* Price is per gramm
* Large assortment achondrites, lunar, asteroid and martian meteorites
* Martian Meteorites shower
* Rare samples, prices are inexpensive
* Here are just some samples
* Discounts up to 70% > It will be very profitable for you to buy wholesale
* Huge selection of achondrites
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