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Bill acceptor Itl Nv9 Usb

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The bill acceptor / bill validator NV9 USB +
is a new generation of bill validators, which boasts improved sensor technology for recognizing banknotes and the highest level of acceptance of multi-currency firmware.
This bill acceptor can be installed vertically or horizontally, and its proven exceptional reliability in the field only underlines it as the most suitable product for the worldwide market.
Price - 255 euro per piece.
Contact phone: +375296168652 (calls / viber / telegram / whatsApp)

Features of NV9 USB + bill acceptor:
• Reliability
• Advanced sensor technology
• Configuring cashbox and faceplate
• Support for updates
• Ability to connect recycling

NV9 USB + bill acceptor protocols: SSP, ccTalk, MDB, Pulse, Parallel, Binary, Serial

NV9 USB + bill acceptor interfaces: USB, Open collector Itl Nv9 Usb

Цена: 255.00 €

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